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Happy Birthday Quotes

Happy Birthday Quotes – Some Timeless Birthday Quotes and 5 Great Tips on finding the perfect birthday quote:

So you have the birthday of someone special coming u

Happy Birthday Quotes

Happy Birthday Quotes



p and you are looking for the right words to use on the occasion. Maybe you would like to add some appropriate quotes to the personalized party invitations. Perhaps you would like to put a short saying in icing on the birthday cake of the celebrant. Or you may need some inspiration in wording a toast, or the message inside birthday card. Whether you are searching for some funny quotes or some heartfelt sentiments, we have got it all covered in this article.

We will give you some pretty cool quotes which you can readily use and surprise your loved one, and make their birthday special. We will also cover some handy tips in order to help you find the perfect happy birthday quotes for your loved ones.

Timeless Happy Birthday Quotes:

To start off here is a pretty nice assortment of the famous happy birthday quotes. You might select the ones which suits your personality.

  • A quote by Charles Schulz – “Just remember, once you are over the hill you begin to pick up speed.” This is so true. Years pass by so quickly. You won’t even notice and another year would have passed.


  • Caryn Leschen – “35 is when you finally get your head together and your body starts to fall apart.” Once again a quote with which hardly anyone can disagree. When we feel that we are wise enough to understand the world, we have to worry about our waistline.



  • Here is a great quote by Abraham Lincoln – “And in the end, it is not the years in your life that count. It is the life in your years.” Indeed. Make sure that you enjoy every moment of your life. You can live a life full of fun, happiness, adventure and excitement. Or simply pass your years being sad, lost in the memories of past or worrying about the future. Enjoy life, make the most of every moment.


  • According to Oprah Winfrey – “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”. How true is that! Life is short; even 100 years pass by quickly. Celebrate life and you will have a happy life.


5 Excellent tips to find and personalize a perfect happy birthday quote:

Here are 5 excellent tips in order to help you find a birthday quote that fits your personality, style and conveys exactly what you want to convey.

  1. Help is just few clicks away: You can use the search engines to find some great happy birthday quotes. You can search for the specific terms for example if you are looking to find a funny quote, you can search for funny birthday quotes. Your search should not be limited to the websites that are entirely devoted to quotations. For example, a site which sells the personalized invitations, there is a page with jewels such as “more candles: bigger wish!” While searching you will come across some great websites with the free content that is entirely dedicated to the special occasions. There are also many scrapping sites which offer the ideas for the titles and journaling which might give you exactly what you are looking for.


  1. Getting from your computer: In case you have greeting cards software like Greeting Card Factory or Print Shop Deluxe, you might not know that there is a hidden treasure of the special occasion wording ideas already built in these programs. These can usually be found under ‘add’ on menu. Then choose “sentiments” and it’ll open up a list of the suggestions to use in a card that you are making. You do not have to make card, if you don’t want to. You can simply take advantage of the feature to get some awesome quotes. Simply find birthday category and browse the quotes until you find the one which suits you.



  1. Getting help from local card stores: In case you want rich source of material for speech that you plan on giving at birthday party, you should go to professionals. You can get help from the local card stores. Go to their birthday cards section and browse through the cards. Write down the jokes, phrases or quotes that you like. Gather them in a notebook. But remember that in many cases you cannot use the wording on the happy birthday cards, for commercial purposes. But you may borrow a couple of lines for the personal use in order to help you express yourself.


  1. Getting help from the party supply stores: You can also get some help from the party supply store. Check out imprinted paper plates and napkins, especially the ones in milestone section. You will find some pretty cool phrases like “fantastic at fifty”, “forty is four perfect 10’s!” or “aged to perfection”. Such stuff would be really good for the birthday cakes, for writing on cards, or for invitations.



  1. Now that you have the wording, personalize it: Hopefully the above mentioned sources would be more than enough for you to find the perfect happy birthday quotes you’ve been looking for. Now that you have found a birthday quote that you like, it’s time to personalize it. For example, let’s say you have found the phrase, “I am not old, I have just been young for a very long time!” Now you can personalize this phrase and convert it into humorous toast. You can say “Jim isn’t really old. No he is not. It is just that he ha’s been young for a very long time! He wouldn’t admit turning 55. He says that he is $54.95 plus tax”. You can combine jokes, phrases, and quotations and customize them in your own way. You can change the words to make them suit the person celebrating the birthday.


Hopefully the above mentioned tips would be helpful for you to find the perfect wording for the birthday of your loved ones. Many resources are available.  Simply collect some quotes, draw the inspiration from the cards, and then change them in order to reflect your personal style. Then simply use the happy birthday quotes or the words, to express a very happy birthday to guest of honor.

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